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  • With the start of studies and training, many young people start a mobile and travel-intensive life.
  • Depending on the form of mobility, certain insurance makes sense.

Many young people now start their studies or vocational training. This marks the beginning of a new phase of life with numerous changes: whether it is a change of residence, commuting to a place of training, (study) travel or stays abroad – young people travel a lot. "In order to ensure that students and apprentices reach their destination well secured, they should check their insurance coverage at the start of training and close any gaps," advises Frank Bärnhof, insurance expert for CosmosDirekt.

Liability insurance – a must
Whoever inflicts harm on others, for example in an accident with a bicycle, is legally obliged to pay damages – unlimited and for a lifetime. Most students and apprentices are still covered by their parents' private liability insurance during their training. Prerequisite: The parents have such a policy. Tip: As some insurers make family protection age-constrained, so family protection may not be up until the end of training, existing contracts should be scrutinized. Good policies guarantee family protection regardless of the age of the child until the completion of the first training.

On the bike to the university
Short distances – for example to the campus, to the vocational school, for shopping or to meet with friends – often put young people back by bicycle. But once not paid attention in the dense traffic – and an accident with possibly serious injuries happened. Unlike statutory accident insurance, a private accident insurance does not only cover the direct route between home and apprenticeship in case of accidents. Also important: Especially in university cities, young people often have difficulty finding a secure parking space for their bike. In the case of some household contents insurance, the bicycle theft is now automatically insured. For most contracts, bike protection is only available through an additional contract clause and contribution surcharge. If the protection is important, should check carefully whether and under what conditions the bike is also insured.

Not without my car
Because novice drivers are more often involved in accidents, they start with comparatively high insurance premiums. However, with the help of the second car policy, where one parent insures the car in his name, they can save money. The discount transfer from a family member – such as one of the grandparents – can lower the premium. It is also cheaper if the driver newcomer to accompanied driving from 17 or participated in a driving safety training. A motor vehicle liability insurance is a legal obligation for vehicle owners. On the other hand, damage to one's own vehicle is only covered by additional partial or fully comprehensive cover. For example, anyone who wants to protect themselves comprehensively against damage to their own car needs comprehensive insurance. "For more expensive and quite new cars, a fully comprehensive insurance makes sense – the partial comprehensive insurance is usually the cost-effective protection for used cars," says Frank Bärnhof.

Numbing from Quickborn to Quedlinburg
Carpooling is easy on the wallet and an opportunity to meet new people. Hardly anyone thinks about an accident. "It is true that the provider of a ride does not have to take out passenger insurance – all passengers are insured by the vehicle's compulsory motor liability insurance," says Frank Bärnhof. "However, every driver should consider an accident policy. If he is responsible for an accident himself, his motor vehicle liability pays compensation and compensation to passengers and other accident victims. He himself receives no benefits. "

I'm off
Whether vacation trip or semester abroad: Many young people are drawn into the distance. With in the luggage should always be a travel health insurance. The statutory health insurance often does not come at all or not in sufficient amount for treatments abroad. In most countries outside Europe, including the USA, there is no entitlement to reimbursement by the statutory health insurance. Not only the on-site treatment costs can seriously burden those affected, but also the illness-related return transport. Anyone who signs a travel health insurance protects against financial risks. For some foreign universities, a travel health insurance is a prerequisite for admission. Tip: A precise performance comparison is advisable, as the range of services offered by the providers varies.

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