Best Pizza in Ocean and Monmouth County


PIZZA this is one of our favorites and everyone agrees we have the BEST pizza here in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. It’s just a fact that we have some really great pizzerias here on the Jersey Shore. My kids in California always say they miss “real” pizza here on the Jersey Shore!

It’s time for the final round with our TOP 5 as we continue to search for the “best” pizza in Ocean and Monmouth counties. Listeners voted on the FREE 92.7 WOBM app and now we have the TOP 5! Vote now for your favorite to be our winner for BEST Pizza in Ocean and Monmouth Counties

It’s time for YOU to vote for your favorite in the FINAL tour of “BEST Pizza” at the Shore. Just go to our 92.7 WOBM APP and vote for YOUR favorite! It’s so simple. Who will win? We will have the winning results Monday morning at 7:25 a.m.

Good luck to all of our local pizzerias here in Ocean and Monmouth Counties VOTE NOW on the 92.7 WOBM app…..

By the way, who’s hungry now for a fantastic Jersey Shore pizza this weekend? I know I am….visit your neighborhood pizzeria this Valentine’s Day weekend and enjoy a pie and support our local businesses.

Access our FREE 92.7 WOBM app and VOTE NOW for your favorite pizzeria here in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. If you don’t see YOUR favorite “write” vote in the comments section below. The top 10 voters will advance to the next round…. YUM

Plus, be sure to download our family of apps for more chances to vote:

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