‘Black players are being used as pawns in the football industry to make money,’ says Rangers captain Connor Goldson after racist row


FOLLOWING the Glasgow Rangers – Slavia Prague racist storm, the Scottish captain said ‘black players are being used as pawns in the football industry to make money’.

Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara’s accusation of racism in their Europa League game against Slavia Prague is accurate, according to his manager Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool legend Gerrard says he trusts Kamara “100 per cent” over his claims that Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela assaulted him towards the end of a fiery game on March 18. monkey’ as tensions erupted during their clash at Ibrox.

Now Goldson has, in an interview with Sky Sports, given his version of events and suggested football authorities are letting black players down by not addressing the issue of racism.

Goldson said: “We are together on this as a club. it wasn’t about leadership or bravery as far as being captain (on the night of the incident) i was just defending someone i’m really close with, someone i ‘ve built a real bond and relationship over the past few years.

FLASHPOINT: Rangers’ Glen Kamara takes on Slavia Praha’s Ondrej Kudela Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

“I was really hurt to see what happened. Things will never change, that’s the way it is. As black players, we are used as pawns in an industry to make money. I feel that’s all we are.

“The authorities are not doing enough and never have done enough and it is horrible to see. Why get on your knees? Why? You see more players being fined for having logos on their underpants.

“I don’t know what to say, but in reality, whatever they do, it’s never enough. They are not doing enough to prevent this from happening.

“I’ve never had hatred on a football pitch like I had against Slavia. I’ve never really been angry on a football pitch, but I sincerely despise them. Me and the rest of the team waited for them in the tunnel for a good 45 minutes but they did not enter.

“I’m proud of every teammate from the president’s staff all the way to the president for supporting us. I respect the management 100% because they didn’t try to scare us away. It’s beyond football.

“Things are not getting better, they are getting worse. There were monkey and banana emojis on the boys’ social media after the game.

“A white person could never imagine what it’s like to be called by the names we’ve been. I don’t know, it’s horrible.


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