Boy successfully launches wave at soccer game, his joy melts hearts online



A heartwarming video of a little boy starting the wave at a football game has gone viral online, having been viewed by more than 6.4 million people.

The images were shared on TikTok by a woman named Kaitlyn, known on the app as kaitlynkaitlynkaitlyn111, on October 3.

It begins with the camera focusing on a young boy and his mother standing in the crowd of Green Bay Packers fans during their recent game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin.

The child then turns to face the stands before yelling at three and punching in the air.

His actions set off the wave, where people raise their arms in the air to create a ripple effect through the crowd, which has roamed the entire stadium.

What makes the video so adorable is the happiness the boy clearly experiences at his achievement as he greets his mother with joy.

The text covering the images reads: “To the little boy who started the wave … you go places, buddy.”

She then captioned her music video, which can be watched here, writes: “He should put this on his resume #packers #football.”

Kaitlyn also added, “Some of you don’t understand how hard it is to start a wave when you’re one of the 70,000 people in the stadium …”

The positive moment has gone viral online, attracting over 882,800 likes and over 1,750 comments.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on this heartwarming moment.

One TikTok user Elijah wrote, “Brother, he doesn’t go places just to start a wave.”

Another person, Nick, added: “It happened during a football game I was in and no one did.”

Israe1k, wrote: “This is how a crowd is at an American football.”

Cananda Gang CCACCA revealed, “I remember doing that at the Canucks game with the boys.”

Jayleigh Flood wrote: “An amazing representation of how one person can change the world.”

Slate Spear revealed, “I can confirm because I was theirs, the wave was very successful, it has been around 3 times in a row.”

Built Different commented, “Just imagine a kid doing this while your team is losing. “

Another video shot during a football game that recently went viral was a clip of fans in Miami, who managed to catch a cat in an American flag.

In Twitter footage shot during the Miami Hurricanes’ home opener vs Appalachian State footage, we can see the animal hanging from the front on the upper deck by one paw.

Unable to hold out any longer, the cat dives onto the deck below and is luckily grabbed by fans in the booth below using a flag as a net.

As the black and white animal bounced off the flag, the whole stadium erupted into enthusiastic cheers and applause.

An image of a soccer ball on a field. On TikTok, a young boy was filmed throwing a wave during a football game.
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