EA’s Next NCAA College Football Game Could Release On Mobile As Well As Console


EA Sports College Football is definitely coming to current-gen consoles, but a recent job listing has shed light on a possible mobile port.

an upcoming football match could be released on mobile as well as console

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced that it was bringing back the NCAA soccer game franchise under a new name EA Sports College Football. Now it seems like EA Sports College Football will come to the current generation of consoles and the current generation of mobile devices.

It’s been eight years since EA Sports last played NCAA Soccer The game came out and for a while it looked like the franchise was officially dead. However, in February, Electronic Arts officially announced that it was working on a new game, while offering the caveat that it was very early in development. Now it looks like there are at least two versions being worked on by the company.


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A recently posted job posting shows that Electronic Arts is looking for a Technical Lead for a mobile college football video game. The roster indicates that this new hire will work under the direction of the Director of Development, as she works with several members of the cross-functional team. He also points out that Electronic Arts currently offers several cross-platform games, including Madden NFL and FIFA Soccer. It’s worth pointing out that even if the listing indicates that the person hired will provide a rewarding mobile experience. It could mean a game, or it could mean a companion app for the console version of EA Sports College Football.

ea sports college football is back

Since Electronic Arts announced that new name, image and likeness (NIL) rights make possible a new NCAA Soccer game to produce, there have been quite a few questions about what the title might entail. However, it seems that the idea that there will also be a mobile game is a new twist.

Of course, making a mobile version of EA Sports College Football would hardly be surprising these days. Electronic Arts has ported many of its other titles to Android and iOS over the years. This certainly includes Madden NFL, which could serve as a template if the mobile job listing does indeed hint that a direct port of the upcoming console game is also on the way. EA isn’t the only company bringing its sports games to mobile platforms these days. There is also a mobile version of NBA 2K series available that offers a slightly matched version of the console version of these games.

At this time, Electronic Arts has not confirmed mobile porting of its upcoming college football game. It’s a bit normal since the game was still announced, because it seems that the company is making sure that its EA Sports College Football is able to adapt to the changing NIL landscape.

EA Sports College Football is currently in development.

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