FICCI 2018 GOAL – International Convention of the Indian Football Industry



FICCI GOAL 2018, supported by the Indian Football Federation, is the largest football trade convention held in India. The convention brings together hundreds of key influencers from the global and Indian football industries for a day of strategic dialogue around the “beautiful game”. The topic of discussion this year is surrounded by basic infrastructure and talent scouting. Along with this, various other critical topics such as football monetization through business will also be covered.

2018 FICCI GOAL – Growth and sustainability of the Indian football industry

Among the various initiatives of the FICCI aimed at promoting the development of sport in India, one of the priority areas is to promote the growth and sustainability of the Indian football industry. To advance this agenda, the FICCI organized the 5th edition of the FICCI “GOAL”, an international convention on business football. The congregation is scheduled for January 23, 2018 at Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi.

FICCI 2018 GOAL – One of the biggest conclaves on Indian football

The FICCI GOAL 2018 is committed to bringing together the Influencers of the Football Industry. (Source)

It seems that big Indian companies have taken it upon themselves to revive football in the country. As part of their offer to promote the development of sport, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) is organizing the 5th edition of GOAL, a one-day football business convention.

India’s largest international football business convention, FICCI GOAL 2018, is also supported by the Indian Football Federation (AIFF).

The conference aims to provide a platform for relevant global and domestic industry stakeholders to discuss the beautiful game in India. This year the agenda is to focus on the various business opportunities that are unfolding alongside the rapid growth of the Indian football ecosystem.

The initiative was jointly established by FICCI and AIFF to support the development of the Indian football industry and promote strategic dialogue around football. FICCI GOAL 2018 will seek to build on the success of its previous editions.

FICCI 2018 GOAL – Business Dialogues and the Future of Indian Sports Industry and Football

2018 FICCI OBJECTIVE kreedon
England won the Under-17 World Cup held in India. (Source)

At the 2018 convention, there will be dialogue sessions on the various relevant topics of Indian football. This will also include a political framework for the future and affairs of football during the conclave.

Issues such as promoting football in educational institutions and creating social change using football, attracting the sport to the private sector of the country to invest, improving women’s football should all to be addressed.

As India grabs worldwide attention after hosting the FIFA Under-17 World Cup, prominent speakers from the football fraternity will also participate in a strategic discussion on how to harness the momentum gained by the game after hosting the flagship event last October.

The rally will be attended by several prominent names honoring the convention. The likes of Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Union Minister for Youth and Sports, Rahul Bhatnagar, Sports Secretary, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Government. of India, Kushal Das, General Secretary, AIFF, Deepak Jacob, President and General Counsel, STAR India and Chairman of the FICCI Sports Committee, Richard Hood (Player Development Manager, AIFF), Vivek Sethia (CEO, Arsenal Soccer Schools India) address the assembly.

2018 FICCI OBJECTIVE – An overview

FICCI GOAL, since its inception, has been organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) with the support of the Indian Football Federation (AIFF). This time, Star Sports is the main partner with India on Track as the knowledge partner.

Originally, the convention was scheduled as FICCI GOAL 2017 on November 16, the day before the 2017/18 Indian Super League kick-off in Kolkata. The show had to be postponed because FSDL (Football Sports Development Ltd), the company set up to operate the Indian Super League, changed locations on short notice, taking the opener from Kolkata to Kochi.



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