Football equipment stolen from Utah Youth League organizer’s truck



SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – In the community of Tom Jager it is calm, peaceful and most of all crime free.

It was until Monday morning when a thief approached his driveway and stole thousands of dollars in brand-new sports equipment from the back of his truck.

“I had loaded everything in the back of my truck late the night before last night, and was going to put it in our storage shed,” Jager told FOX 13.

He founded and runs the Mountain Football Conference, a youth football league in Utah.

“My wife and I started this football league last year… This is our second year of existence,” he said. “I mean, stealing little kids is crazy.”

In total, the price of what was stolen was around $ 3,000, which included around 40 pairs of Nike and Under Armor gaming pants with ear pads, four “speed flex” helmets and the accompanying parts for these. helmets.

Jager’s security camera caught the criminal, but the car didn’t – so he’s sharing the footage with the public to see if anyone recognizes the man.

While the items are expensive, they are of little value to anyone who stole them – the helmets are specific to his league, and Jager doubts a local high school or college team will buy them.

The helmets themselves are the best that money can buy for safety.

“These are the same ones that high school, colleges and the NFL use,” he said. “We wanted our kids to have the best technology and the safest helmet for them.”

Due to the uniqueness of these helmets, Jager is hoping he can find them somewhere.

Ultimately, this is going to impact an already difficult year due to COVID-19.

“I work hard for what I have, and the hard working people in this organization work very hard,” he said. “I think [the thief] is an idiot… I think it’s bad enough to steal children.



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