Grade 8 Jackson football game on hiatus, stadium locked


The team members were released after a “clear” was given by Jackson police.

JACKSON, Mich. — An eighth-grade football game in Jackson, Michigan, was locked down Tuesday night after shots were fired “from an unknown location in the stadium area,” according to a message from Superintendent Tecumseh Middle School Rick Hilderley sent to Parents.

Jackson police then gave an “all clear” and the game between Tecumseh Middle School and Jackson Middle School at Parkside resumed, according to a Facebook post from Jackson Middle School Assistant Superintendent Kriss Giannetti.

Hilderley’s message said the students had been released to their parents after the “everything is clear” and were safe and “currently on their way home now”.

According to an earlier report by Giannetti, players, coaches and officials were moved to the dressing rooms and Jackson police were “on site at the stadium to ensure the safety of our fans in the stands”.

The stadium and its surroundings have been placed under a “shelter-in-place mode” and no one has been “allowed to enter or leave the stadium”, according to Giannetti’s message.

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