Halo-inspired hockey and football gear lets players feel like Spartans


Microsoft is working with Riddell and Bauer to produce limited-time Halo-inspired sports gear, including a football helmet and hockey pads.

Microsoft has teamed up with sportswear companies Bauer and Riddell to release a limited time Halo– Inspired football and hockey gear, so some fans can now play as the series’ protagonist, Master Chief. Halo has reentered the cultural zeitgeist of gaming with its latest opus of infinite halo, which saw its multiplayer open beta launch in mid-November and its campaign (and official release) early last month.

Although Halo Infinite Multiplayer had a relatively rocky launch, with fears over the game’s single-player campaign allayed when it finally arrived to critical acclaim. This latest release was not only considered a great entry for long-time fans of the series, but also an accessible choice for fans who were just new to the world of Halo. Additionally, critics praised the story for rising above the rest. Halo retellings of the episodes, claiming the story to be one of the series’ best to date.


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Infinite Halo has yet to unlock its campaign’s co-op multiplayer mode, but the long-running franchise has some limited-time releases to keep fans’ attention in the meantime. Bauer and Riddell recently unveiled (via GameSpot) some Halo-sports equipment inspired for football and hockey players – or Halo collectors. Riddell has a limited-time Master-Chief-looking football helmet that sells for around US$1,000, with the recognizable Spartan number “117” painted on either side of creation. The helmet’s face mask includes a yellow visor, also inspired by the Master Chief’s Halo helmet. Although the Riddell-Microsoft-collaboration headset appears to be sturdy enough for a real game of football, Riddell’s product description includes a disclaimer stating, “The Master Chief inspired helmet is for display only and is not designed or intended for gaming or actual use.”

Master Chief Halo inspired Sportswear Riddell and Bauer

Bauerunlike Riddell, tweeted about a gift for a special someone Halo-Infinite-hockey inspired goalie pads. The gift link no longer exists and therefore a product description is missing, but the hockey skates look like they could actually be used in a hypothetical hockey game. The pads apparently come with other Master-Chief-looking items, such as a “set of custom goal mats and a Master Chief goal mask.” The idea of ​​a hockey goalie sporting the same look as the legendary Spartan Master Chief is certainly a sight to behold, but his ability to protect said goalie is probably questionable.

Although Bauer and Riddell Halo items are collectibles more than actual sports equipment, the idea of Halo-Inspired merchandise from unexpected producers (like sportswear companies) seems to reflect the series’ longevity and cultural influence. Master Chief is an icon to many and should be treated as such – even though his story and much of the series’ lore has yet to be revealed. That said, money is always a factor in the decision to buy such goods, and a Halo-a football inspired helmet may not be the best value for someone.

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Source: BauerRiddell, GameSpot

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