How sports betting dominates the football industry



When you think of football these days, one of the first things you think of is money. And when you think of money in football, one of the first things you think of is betting.

Yes, the two have become so closely linked in recent years and it’s a relationship that certainly benefits both parties.

It’s a relationship that has grown tremendously over the past 15 years, although betting has long gotten its foot in the door of football, with bookies taking bets for generations.

So why are they so close?

Football sponsorship

One of the big steps bookmakers, and online bookmakers in particular, have taken in recent years is team sponsorship.

The first occurred in the 2002/03 season when Betway became the first Premier League game shirt sponsor, when they faced Fulham. Since then, the number has grown significantly, to the point that now 10 of the 20 teams have a game mark on their shirts, including West Ham which is currently sponsored by Betway.

The deal is considered the biggest of the teams outside of the top six teams and even big teams such as Manchester United and Chelsea have official betting partners.

This has resonated throughout the championship as well, with a high proportion of clubs in the division benefiting from sponsorship from betting companies, while even the Northern Premier, the Isthmian League and the Southern League currently have a sponsorship deal. with Ladbrokes.

This has put betting in the mainstream of football and many fans are making the most of it.

The rise of online betting technology

Of course, the rise of online betting and the technology that powers it have also played a key role in their relationship. Live streaming has become a huge bonus for bookmakers and bookmaker apps as fans can watch matches live and bet in-game.

The FA’s deal with bet365 to live stream FA Cup matches was a particularly highlight for this, while players can also watch La Liga, Bundesliga and even MLS through their devices.

As the supply has grown, the bonuses offered have also increased. Today it is so easy to turn free bets into real money if you choose your bets well, with most bookmakers offering free bets and no deposit promotions to new customers.

Once players get in, they can then watch live matches, in-game betting, and even bet on things like cards and coins, making it one of the most sophisticated sports around. from Paris. It is expanded to offer something for everything.

And after?

It has been a very mutual relationship for football and sports betting. The beautiful game has certainly benefited from the money it has received from sports betting companies with Premier League sponsorship deals with major betting companies worth over £ 300million.

This in turn improves the overall quality of the league and helps the Premier League further assert itself as a global brand. They won’t want this to stop, so we can only see a closer relationship between the two, even as the government cuts down on the ads shown during games and other measures to prevent gambling problems.

Of course, this is important. But the game is now too dependent on these sponsors, and let’s face it, as fans we’re too invested in a Saturday afternoon bet or in-game at a Champions League night for that to really go away.

It has come a long way in the past 15 years and that will only continue as money and technology continue to have their say.



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