In 2019, debt, bankruptcy led to 989 suicides in Telangana | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: The latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) gave disturbing figures – Telangana has the third highest number of suicides due to bankruptcy or debt in the country in 2019. With 989 of these suicides, Telangana is behind only Maharashtra (1,526) and Karnataka (1,432). Also, Telangana had the fourth highest rate of farmer suicides (491).
According to the NCRB report on accidental deaths and suicides in India, Telangana is ranked seventh among all states with a total of 7,675 suicides in 2019, including 5,612 males and 2,062 females. One victim has been identified as transgender.
The city of Hyderabad, however, saw a 27% drop in suicides. In 2018, as many as 536 suicides were recorded, making 389 deaths in 2019. Telangana had recorded 684 suicide deaths due to bankruptcy or debt in 2018 and added 305 more deaths in 2019, the data reveals.
“I have observed that suicide attempts are high among women, but suicide deaths are high among men. For both men and women, relationship problems leading to suicidal thoughts are high. In the recent past, I have observed that financial stress also leads to suicidal thoughts and depression, especially in men who are the sole earners,” said Dr Virinchi Sharma, a psychiatrist from the town.
Most of these suicides were reported in rural districts. No less than 3,285 suicides were due to family problems and 141 to failures in various examinations. In addition, 426 students committed suicide.
Members of a city-based suicide hotline, Roshini, said each month at least 12 students contact them asking for help with depression, while calls peak before exams and the days of results. Most students ask for help to deal with academic pressure from parents.
Of the 491 farmers who committed suicide in the state, 434 were male and 57 were female. No less than 373 victims were farmers who cultivated their own land, while 118 rented the land. Eight victims were hired as agricultural workers.
According to the data, as many as 10,269 people involved in the country’s agricultural sector have committed suicide. Of these, 5,945 were farmers and cultivators and 4,324 agricultural workers, together accounting for just over 7% of the total number of suicides in the country.

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