“Just not winning at football. App State’s offense faces its frustrating performance in the loss to Georgia Southern. | USS



Sutton’s touchdowns occurred on two of App State’s three longest runs. Only two of the 16 games in those two discs were designed tracks.

“I think we kind of gave up on the race and said we were just going to throw it 17 and try to get back into the race and kind of threw some caution to the wind in those conditions,” said Drinkwitz. “Hats off to these guys for playing. “

On top of all this, mountaineers have been plagued by untimely falls. The first workout had two, and they reared up again sporadically as the Appalachians tried to recover.

Thomas Hennigan, one of three App State receivers with at least six receptions, said he believes the Mountaineers have moved on, with proof that they have scored several times late.

“I think if you take a bright spot from tonight, we haven’t bowed our heads at all,” Hennigan said. “There were a couple of games including me – the first practice of the game the ball hit me right in the chest and I dropped it.

“But you can’t dwell on it. It’s a long game. You’re going to have a lot more opportunities, and you just have to keep bouncing.

The first loss of the season has shifted App State. The national buzz had developed on the potential assumptions of the season of the climbers. Thomas said the loss did not stop Appalachian from achieving its goals. And the offense, as Drinkwitz and the players have both mentioned, needs to play better from here.



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