Kent teacher banned for begging teenager to take a picture of football equipment



Christopher Tinsley was banned from teaching for three years

A physical education teacher has been banned for asking a teenage girl to send him pictures of herself wearing just a Charlton Athletic shirt and long socks.

One of the posts from Christopher Tinsley, who was head of department in Kent, said there was “nothing sexier” than a Charlton shirt.

And he urged the former student, who had just turned 18, to admit she had a “soft spot” for him, while sending him a half-naked photo of himself.

He wrote to her on Instagram: “To me there is nothing sexier than a Charlton (sic) shirt. You want to see me smile, send me a picture of you in your Charlton shirt and your long socks. !!!! Nothing sexier !!! X xx x. ‘

Another message read: “Have you ever loved me? Even a little bit? X x x ‘, and’ Is it really that hard to admit that you have a thing for me? !! I clearly have one for you. X x ‘.

Tinsley, 32, also wrote: ‘You are a gorgeous young lady … I mean … and I always thought that you and if (sic) had some kind of connection … And I guess it was just nice to feel wanted … even if it shouldn’t. x x. “

He also sent a photo of himself ‘half naked’ wearing just a towel around his waist to the teenager, which he claimed he did because Student A said she wanted to see his tattoos.

Shameful teacher tells teen there is 'nothing sexier' than a Charlton Athletic shirt

Shameful teacher tells teen there is ‘nothing sexier’ than a Charlton Athletic shirt

He started working as a physical education teacher at Brockhill Park Performing Arts College in Hythe, Kent, in 2007 and was promoted to head of physical education in 2013.

But while at school, he made “inappropriate contact” with a former student, called Pupil, who had just left school in 2015.

A professional conduct panel from the National College for Teaching and Leadership banned him from teaching for three years.

The hearing was also told that the allegations that Mr Tinsley patted Student A’s buttocks with a clipboard when she was in grade 9 – around 14 – and called her beautiful were ” not proven ”.

The panel learned how Mr Tinsley, of Ashford, Kent, was first questioned about his conduct towards the pupil in October 2015 and that he was suspended from school in November 2015, before to resign shortly thereafter.

The hearing revealed last week that the physical education teacher “failed to adhere to appropriate professional boundaries” and made “inappropriate contact” with student A – and that his conduct was “sexually motivated” “.

He was convicted of unacceptable professional conduct and banned from teaching for three years in the hearing earlier this month, which was just released by the National College for Teaching and Leadership.

The panel ruled: “The panel is satisfied that Mr. Tinsley’s conduct was significantly below expected standards of the profession, as Mr. Tinsley’s messages were sent shortly after Student A left. school.

“The nature and content of the messages addressed to an 18-year-old minor made this serious mistake. The panel concluded that Mr. Tinsley’s behavior towards Student A was motivated by sex.

“Mr. Tinsley owed a duty of care to Student A even though she was a former student at the time.

“The panel further concludes that Mr. Tinsley’s conduct constitutes both unacceptable professional conduct and conduct which may bring the profession into disrepute.”



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