Michigan man could make $ 1 million from soccer app



Dominic Mirabella has a chance to win $ 1 million this Sunday. “It’s funny how surreal it is… yet exciting,” says Mirabella, a resident of Royal Oak.

He says he made a joke about his “unbeaten” season at the start, but around Thanksgiving he realized he really had a chance to win.

Mirabella selected four NFL game winners each week using a phone app called FourPlay. He’s had a perfect season, and if he picks the Super Bowl winner correctly, he’ll make $ 1 million. He hasn’t revealed whether he’s going with the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons, and he has until 1 p.m. Sunday to make his selection.

Even with so much on the line, Mirabella says he doesn’t have big plans to watch the game.

“I reduced some of the stress by turning down an offer to go to Vegas with FourPlay. I don’t think it would be much fun to be with us kids, keeping the same routine and trying not to have it. hurt at this point, ”says Mirabella.

He says he has had his wife’s support throughout the season.

“Saturdays and Sundays are kind of holy days in the fall for us,” says Mirabella.

For Mirabella, one of the best parts of this whole trip is the fact that the FourPlay app was created by two local Birmingham entrepreneurs; CJ Karchon and Jeff Johnson. Johnson says he likes that the winner could be a local guy.

“85% of our users are scattered across the country, so having a local business and our potential winner being someone who lives right down the street is really cool. It just couldn’t happen to a better guy. He’s someone who is all about giving back, ”Johnson said of Mirabella.

Mirabella works in financial services, but he also enjoys volunteering in his spare time. Most notable, he volunteers at Camp Casey: a non-profit horseback riding program for kids battling cancer.

The odds of picking each game wisely and winning the $ 1 million prize are around 1 in 5 million, but Mirabella is just one game away from it.



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