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05 Oct

Mike postle continues his fight to prevent a bankruptcy order become a reality as Véronique Brill and Todd witteles push to recoup their legal fees spent on the case. Postle owes the pair around $ 55,000 and has so far pulled all the stuff out of the book to avoid paying.


Last week Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles both had filed formal objections against Postles’ attempt to have the case dismissed. He had had until mid-September to file his official response, which reads as nothing more than a lopsided attack on Brill’s lawyer, Marc Randazza.

The first seven pages of the dossier just highlight how obsessed Postle has become with Randazza, while completely ignoring Witteles’ lawyer, Eric Bensamochan.

“Sir. Randazza has exhibited incredibly unprofessional and unethical behavior and uses bankruptcy as a weapon of personal vendetta against me. He has attempted to use the bankruptcy process to publicly shame me and place its debt above my 15 other legitimate unrelated creditors at the minimum. ”

This latest court request included Postle languishing, almost begging the court to feel sympathy for him, and also revealing the extent of his debts. A breathtaking total of $ 62,000 consumer credit value, and another $ 18,000 for his vehicle. Not what you would expect from someone who claims to be a successful poker player.

“I am a professional poker player of some reputation and have been for over seventeen years. It’s a job that I love and that has allowed me to provide for my ten-year-old daughter, whom I have custody of.

He added that for Brill and Witteles to file a bankruptcy petition just 36 days after winning this hearing is ludicrous and makes a “Derision of the bankruptcy system”.

No sympathy

Eric Bensamochan retaliated in the clearest possible way, insisting that his client, Todd Witteles, is right to force Mike Postle to pay him his debt.

“… tried to abuse the justice system for his own selfish ends and now that he faces the consequences of this decision he presents himself as a poor innocent victim.”

Alex sheppard of Randazza Legal Group went further and really stuck the knife, publicly humiliate Postle for his many alleged transgressions.

“It is true that Mr. Randazza does not like Postle. Postle cheats at cards, has beaten up his ex-wife, and seems obsessed with Mr. Randazza rather than his own actions. Nonetheless, unless he was working on this case directly, Mr. Randazza can barely remember Postle’s name. Mr. Randazza resides for free in Postle’s head, not the other way around.

The case will resume in a Sacramento court next week, when we may see this trial almost over and Mike Postle finally put in his shoes.

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