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Penn State announced parking, traffic and transit information for the Nittany Lions’ home football game against Michigan, kicking off Saturday at noon.

The football parking lots near Beaver Stadium will open at 7 a.m. and vehicles must have a permit to park in the designated lots. The East, HUB, Nittany and Eisenhower parking lots will cost $40, and the West parking lots will cost $25 on game day. Tailgating is prohibited on all parking decks and event parking is available until 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Overnight parking for weekend visitors is only available at the East, HUB, Nittany, and West Bridges until 6 p.m. Sunday. Standard parking rates of $1 per hour up to $12 will apply on the first day, but $50 will be due upon exit for those who arrived Thursday and $45 will be due for those who arrived Friday.

Various campus parking lots will close at midnight Friday in preparation for the game, including Jordan East, Stadium West, Portner North, Porter South, Orange L (all sections), Yellow H (all sections), Yellow M, Yellow V, Orange A OPP (east and west), Orange A Katz, Orange B Softball, Orange H (all sections north of Hastings Road), Orange O Park Avenue, Silver G, Silver J (all sections) and eastern half of Orange U.

All vehicles, including service vehicles, must be removed by midnight on Friday. The aforementioned areas will reopen after the game.

Faculty, staff and student parking permits are honored at their designated locations west of Bigler Road. However, Penn State recommended parking in surface parking lots rather than parking decks this weekend to allow for “more convenient exit” and more room for visitors in parking decks.

Penn State also announced that there will be increased fines for parking violations this weekend, and parking specifications for each parking area are posted outside each entrance.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, there will be one-way traffic restrictions on Park Avenue, Porter Road and other roads near Beaver Stadium. Additionally, access to the east parking bridge, orange parking areas and Porter Road will be restricted, and Curtain Road – between Bigler Road and Porter Road – will be closed on Saturday.

In terms of transit restrictions, CATA’s Blue Loop, White Loop and Red Link will operate on Saturday with the following adjustments:

  • Blue Loop: From the bus stop at College Avenue and Allen Street, the Blue Loop will follow the normal route to Curtin Road where it will turn right onto Bigler Road and right onto Pollock Road – where it will will resume its normal route.
  • White Loop: From the bus stop at Beaver Avenue and Allen Street, the White Loop will follow its normal route to University Drive, turn left onto Hastings Road, right onto Bigler Road and left onto Curtin Road – where it will resume its normal route.
  • West Campus Red Link to Innovation Park: The red link to Innovation Park will follow the normal route onto Curtin Road, where it will turn right onto Bigler Road, left onto Hastings Road, right onto University Drive, right via off-ramp to College Avenue, right onto College Avenue, left onto 322 West and right via off-ramp to Park Avenue – where he will travel to Mount Nittany Medical Center and resume his route normal towards Innovation Park.
  • Red Link from Innovation Park to West Campus: The Red Link to West Campus will serve Innovation Park and run along 322 East to College Avenue, turn right on College Avenue, right on University Drive, at left onto Hastings Road, right onto Bigler Road and left onto Curtin Road – where it will resume its normal route to West Campus.

CATA’s Downtown (DT) Football Shuttle has been suspended for the remainder of the season due to staffing shortages. CATA said to visit their website for timetables for the South Atherton and White Loop shuttle to use instead of the football shuttle.


Penn State has scheduled dates for students and employees required to take coronavirus tests…

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