Portugal and Brazil could help develop the football industry in the region via Hengqin – member of Macau NPC


The football industry in Macao and Hengqin could be developed through cooperation with Portugal and Brazil, Zhang Zongzhen, a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference proposed to the 13th National People’s Congress (NPC).

“China-Portugal is essentially a trade platform serving the country. For example, the sports industry is highly developed in Portuguese-speaking countries. Everyone knows that Portugal and Brazil are among the best footballing countries in the world,” the Goldcommon chairman also said.

“If this industry could be combined with Macao, Hengqin and other Chinese football industries, it would be a great project”

Zhang Zongzhen also pointed out that the cooperation could materialize in terms of many natural products and resources, including Brazilian iron, Angolan energy and agricultural products or seafood from Portugal.

“Macau has facilitated the Guangdong-Macau Deep Cooperation Zone in Hengqin. Goods imported from all over the world, including those from Portuguese-speaking countries, are all tax-exempt in Hengqin,” Zhang added.

“Items, including materials and components, from mainland China also enjoy tax refund policies here. If these products are reprocessed at Henqgin, they benefit from an added value of 30% and are then sent to the mainland”.

The fifth session of the 13th NPC is due to end on March 11, with the session running alongside the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Vice Premier Han Zheng previously met with the 12 representatives of the Macao National People’s Congress to discuss opportunities in the Deep Cooperation Zone in Hengqin.


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