Someone shouted ‘gun’ during football match in Salisbury, police say


SALISBURY, NC (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Police say someone yelled “gun” at Salisbury High School’s football game against West Rowan High School on Friday night.

This prompted fans to flee the stands and caused three people to walk and be injured during the evacuation.

Police told Queen City News on Monday that someone at the game showed them a social media post about a shooting, but they were never able to confirm or find that post.

“I’ve seen a few fights at baseball games, but I’ve never seen the kind of panic we had on Friday night,” said Buddy Poole, chief executive of WSAT Radio, who was the public announcer for the game Friday.

Poole was on the microphone as the AP announcer, but on Friday night he was calling an emergency, telling fans to evacuate the high school football game at Salisbury High School against West Rowan.

“I saw police cars flying around the track, and it was a policewoman who came into the press box and said, ‘Evacuate the stadium, evacuate the stadium,'” Poole said.

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Poole did not hear any gunshots, but he thought there had been a shooting due to people’s reactions.

“I saw my guys broadcasting the game in the other booth, they kind of hit the deck,” Poole said.

Poole told the crew in the press box to stick a chair against the door as a barricade.

“I saw all the players diving on the pitch, and I saw the Salisbury players doing like this (waving them down) to the guys in the West, then the fans did the same too, so I knew something bad was going on,” Poole said.

Veronica Guerrero received a panicked phone call from her son, who plays football at North Rowan, and was at the Salisbury-West game on Friday.

“He was like, ‘Mom, I’m fine, I’m fine’, it was tough, it was tough,” an emotional Guerrero said.

According to police, someone watching the game shouted that there was a gun in the stadium, and that’s when chaos erupted.

“I heard everyone screaming, crying, and it was awful,” Guerrero said.

Police said they found no firearms or evidence of gunshots inside the stadium.

Investigators say three people were lightly injured after being trampled on in the confusion and evacuation of the stadium.

“I didn’t want to tell my husband and kids this was happening because they love going to the games, and now my little ones are saying, ‘I don’t want to go anymore,'” Guerrero said.

Veronica says she won’t stop going to games to watch her son play.

“All I can do is pray; I can’t take that away from him; he likes to play,” Guerrero said.

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Police said there were metal detectors at the game on Friday night and that police will continue to be present at football matches.

Rowan-Salisbury Schools did not respond on Monday when Queen City News left a message asking if they would increase security at football games.


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