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Contxto – Professional soccer teams (or soccer for all Americans) can count on an army of medics, technicians, and other experts to monitor their performance and help them improve. But when it comes to amateur leagues, players are often left to fend for themselves.

So to give them the benefit of improving themselves, Argentinian sports technology Olivier recently raised € 100,000 (~ US $ 117,000). The startup will use the money for product development as well as to enter new segments, including women’s football.

The funding will also be used to market its product, most likely through partnerships with sporting goods stores.

With a device and an app using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the startup wants to provide football players with information to help them track their progress and avoid injury.

Throughout this year and 2021, Oliver will focus on expanding into Europe. It has already started to distribute its solution to clubs in Switzerland, Romania and Spain.

At the same time, his eyes are on Asia and other parts of Latin America, such as Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and Chile.

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IoT and AI enter the field with Oliver

Using a “smart” shin guard, Oliver’s system collects data as the player moves across the court. An algorithm processes the information and then sends its results to the application.

Unlike a generic fitness app, this startup’s product is designed to look at stats specifically for soccer (or futbol): punching power, ball possession, passing, distance covered, etc.

“We aim to democratize access to technology and provide a solution that does not require infrastructure, large investments in technology or experts to access and understand the data generated by our device,” says José González, CEO and co-founder of Oliver.

González, alongside Agustín Rozadas and Ezequiel Torti, founded the startup in 2018. With this recent investment, they have raised a total of € 500,000 (~ US $ 582,000) throughout its two years Operating.

With a software development lab in the founders’ home country, Argentina, and its head office in Barcelona, ​​it’s safe to say that the startup is already in two of the most relevant markets for software development. futbol.

And while the Beautiful Game ultimately doesn’t need technology to be fun, it can help you take your game to the next level.

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