The football game resumes at Wilson Stadium after Thursday’s evacuation


High school teams and Sandia and Manzano fans had to abruptly evacuate Wilson Stadium on Thursday night after what the APD called a “credible shooting threat.”

KOB 4 asked the department on Saturday for an update — on the details of the threat and any arrests, they referred us to the school district, and an APS spokesperson did not respond.

Sandia head coach Chad Adcox says nothing like this has ever happened in his 10 years of coaching.

“I was very disappointed that you know it’s part of society at this time where we have to deal with a gun violence issue and we’re not able to play,” Adcox said.

Parents, fans and the media were not permitted in the stadium for Saturday morning’s game out of an abundance of caution. KOB 4 cameras caught a few parents from Manzano High School standing on the roof of their car, trying to watch the stadium fence.

“It wasn’t fun, you know it’s a fun game. I mean we’re two rivals across town and I think it’s a game that needs to be played in front of the fans and, like I I said it earlier, it breaks my heart for these seniors who deserve to have fans. It was definitely an interesting way to play a game – I’ve never done that either,” Adcox said. .

Sandia High School won the game, 65-27.


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