University of Calgary Law School launches program to help Albertans facing serious debt or bankruptcy


Crowdfunding campaign launched

Laing says the idea of ​​an unpaid intern position was quickly dismissed “on ethical grounds that these students should be paid,” Laing says. Instead, the clinic uses crowdfunding to raise funds for the intern’s salary.

While the goal was initially to raise $100,000 for four intern positions with the Debt Negotiation Project, Laing says a decision was made to slow things down a bit to demonstrate ‘proof of concept’ .

As a result, a goal of $25,000 has been set, which will allow a student to work at the Public Interest Law Clinic for four to six months in a flexible part-time position. During this time, the student will work with a pro bono attorney to support clients who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and need legal advice but are otherwise unable to afford it.

Laing says the post wouldn’t be a full article because there would be elements of the experience that the program couldn’t provide. However, it will bring the student closer to their goal of becoming a fully-fledged lawyer. The intern would participate in the debt negotiation program and help in other areas, such as working with the non-profit Pro Bono Law Alberta.


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