Want to organize a football match with friends? Here’s how to book a football pitch in Dubai for free


Dubai: Looking to book a football pitch or tennis court but worried about how much it will cost? Well, look no further than your neighborhood park.

You can apply to book a sports field or playground in public parks in Dubai for free through the official Dubai Municipality website – dm.gov.ae.

Dubai Municipality promoted the service online through its official social media channels on Thursday, March 3.

Although the booking process is straightforward, you should make sure to book a facility in advance as these are popular public facilities.

How to Book a Sports Field or Playground in Public Parks in Dubai

To avail of this Dubai Municipality service, you need to know your Makani number. According to your Makani number, Dubai Municipality will find available playgrounds and sports fields in your local parks.

What you need to do to book a sports facility in a public park in Dubai

The service is offered to residents of a neighborhood. To book the facility, you need two details:
Makani number
Emirates identification number

If you don’t know what a Makani number is, it is a unique 10-digit location code found on every building in the emirates of Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain . Makani is a 10-digit number that gives you the exact location of a building’s entrance. If you don’t know what your Makani number is, read our in-depth guide here on how you can find your personal ten-digit code for your address.


1. Visit the Dubai Municipality website – dm.gov.ae

2. Under the “Services” tab on the top panel, select “Individual Services”

3. Select ‘Public Parks and Recreational Facilities’, then select ‘Request Reservations for Playgrounds in Public Parks’.

4. The website will show you the details of this service on a “service card”. Click ‘Apply Now’.

5. You will then be asked to log in using your Dubai Municipality or UAE Pass account. If you don’t have one, create an online account with Dubai Municipality.

6. Next, you will be asked to complete the application form with the following details:

Cell number
Date of Birth
E-mail address
Emirates identification number
Makani Number

7. Once you have entered your Makani number, the service will display the courts and playgrounds available based on your location.

8. Choose the park, date and type of sports field and playground you prefer (for example, tennis court, basketball court or football court)

9. After, choose the time slots from the date you previously selected.

10. Click on the box “Accept the terms and conditions”

11. Then click on the ‘Submit’ button.

12. You will then receive the reference number on your registered email and mobile number.


Once you have completed your registration and received your reference number, there are a few rules set by Dubai Municipality that residents must follow:

· Residents must comply with the sports field. The sports field must be clean and customers must be responsible for damages.
· Only neighborhood residents are allowed to use the sports fields.
· Wear appropriate sports clothing.
· Sports field reservations are permitted for one hour only.
· Residents are only allowed to book the sports field once a week.
· Food is not permitted in playgrounds or sports fields.
· If the client is more than 15 minutes late from the indicated time, the park management will give the slot to someone else.
· The administration has the right to cancel the reservation if it is against the rules.
The sports field must be clean and guests must be responsible for damages
· The park administration declines all responsibility in the event of theft or personal accident.

Here are all the parks available for reservation for residents of the neighborhood:

Al Barsha Pond Park
Al Nahda Pond Park
Al Qusais Pond Park
Al Barsha Second Park 1
Al Barsha second park 2
Al Qouz Pond Park
Al Lysely Park
Hor Al Anz Park
Al Garhoud-1 Park
Al Garhoud-2 Park
Al Rashidiya Park
nad shama park
Nad Al Hamar Park
Uptown Mirdif Park
First Oud Al Muteena Park
Al Warqa Third Park-1
Hill Park – Hatta
Second Al Awir Park


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