Warren Warriors football gear is sanitized with a special tool after each use


PARKERSBURG, W.Va (WTAP) – With their season already delayed by COVID-19, high school football teams are taking precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. At Warren High School, head coach Matt Kimes spends minutes after every practice and every game spraying equipment with a special machine.

Kimes didn’t have a name for the device, but it looks like a high-tech garden hose attached to a liquid-filled reservoir that he can carry like a backpack.

He says the tank is filled with a chemical that kills viruses but is safe for students to come into contact with. This allows it to disinfect even the inside of helmets.

“Once ignited, it only takes a few minutes to dry and kill any virus that may be on the equipment,” Kimes said.

Not only is the spray effective, but Kimes says the device saves her a lot of time.

“In the beginning, before we had this thing, we had to spray and wipe everything by hand, so in terms of maintenance and time efficiency, it’s been really positive for us,” Kimes said. “I think in terms of efficiency it seems to work quite well too.”

Kimes isn’t the only one using the device on campus. The district has purchased several so janitors can also spray classrooms.

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