We Score football app added to new VW Golfs



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Don’t want to miss the latest football scores? Then you might be interested to learn that the We Score app has been added to all new VW Golfs
from model year 2020.

Users can three predefined clubs and a national team, and follow their favorites in all competitions. In addition to live scores – which football fans will recognize from smartphone apps – football rankings and news are also displayed in the app. All this information can also be read using the “text to speak” function on the Golf.

Additionally, customers can receive push notifications of live scores from their favorite teams, so they don’t distract the driver from the road. A live ticker gives real-time game updates, and the table can be easily viewed to view the latest standings.

The new We Score In-Car app is the latest addition to the Volkswagen digital family in the new Golf. The app covers the top two divisions, including the Premier League and the UK EFL Championship, as well as the main cup competition in the country concerned. The Europa League and the Champions League are also supported, in addition of course to the European Championships that have been postponed to this summer.

The “We Score” app is supported by the “Discover Pro” and “Discover Media” infotainment systems. In addition to the “We Score” and “Amazon Alexa” services, customers can also use the In-Car Shop to subscribe to data plans that allow them to use streaming services or a Wi-Fi access point. The “We Connect Plus” extension can also be ordered in the In-Car Shop. Other products are in preparation.

Volkswagen We: Tutorial Golf 8 – We mark [all new In-Car App] – Youtube

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