Weston, reigning football equipment retail champion


Weston Corp continues to be an undefeated force in Singapore’s sports equipment scene after more than 60 years in business.

Co-owner Amandeep “Ami” Chopra forged Weston’s path to become the premier location for soccer equipment in Singapore

If you’ve been to Queensway, there’s a good chance you’ve been shopping at Weston. To celebrate the World Cup, we’re celebrating places in Singapore that are synonymous with football, and Weston is one of them. Co-owner Amandeep “Ami” Chopra tells us more about Weston’s legacy.

Founded in 1949, Weston started out as a general sports equipment store that sold everything from running shoes to snowshoes and sticks to javelins. In the 90s, with Ami’s vision, Weston began to focus more on football, making the chain of stores what it is today: the spot for soccer equipment in Singapore.

Gear switch

Weston’s focus on football equipment was driven by Ami’s passion for the sport. Trying to convince the elders in the family business was not easy at first, but aAfter much persistence and persuasion, the young Friend was finally allowed to run the store according to his vision.

Although this led to conflicts between him and his father in the early years, he still ran with his idea. Starting with the An iconic Queensway outlet, Ami has transformed Weston into a full-fledged football specialty store, a business that has proven to be successful.

Even legendary Singapore soccer player Fandi Ahmad is a Weston fan. Speaking at a panel discussion hosted by adidas last week, Fandi said: “Coming to Queensway is important because you have the best choices here. This is the best place (for football equipment) and for shoes, Weston always offers the best. For me, there is no other place like Queensway ”.

While Singapore’s football scene is a far cry from the heyday of Fandi as a pro from the ’80s to the early’ 90s, on the bright side, amateur football is huge here. This has given Weston the invaluable opportunity to serve people from all walks of life who are actively involved in amateur football, and this, Ami admits, “is the beauty in Singapore.”

Stay one step ahead

According to Ami, the key to running a successful football equipment retail store – and indeed to running any retail store – is forethought. Being able to predict what consumers want is crucial, especially since everything is ordered six months in advance.

The family’s strong work ethic, which has shaped the way Ami works, has helped Weston stay ahead of the game. Being meticulous and making sure everything gets done and done from the start are practices that Ami has cultivated over the years in the family business.

Providing variety and choice to customers is something the store is also important to. “I don’t think any store in the world can say they sell jerseys from all 32 countries,” says Ami.

Like any other sport or culture, football has evolved with each generation. Football equipment has also changed as new innovations have been discovered and introduced. Weston makes sure it carries all of the latest equipment to meet the needs of both amateur and professional footballers in Singapore today.


You will find the jerseys of the 32 countries qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Weston

In the service of hearts

With five stores operational and one underway, Ami maintains it’s important to have stores in the heart of the country – where people live. As such, he refuses to open only stores in the main shopping district of Orchard Road.

“The local population is very important. If I can’t serve them, who will, right? Remember, people play football in city centers, ”says Ami.

Weston’s next store, located in Vivocity, will open this month. But of all its outlets, the Queensway outlet will always be the place to find all of the limited edition items. After all, “Queensway is our home,” says Ami.

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